Alexander George Ley started his career in 1957, serving his apprenticeship amongst the finest craftsmen of the day, learning his skills over the next 22 years.

Anthony Ley’s interest in his craft started as a young boy, watching with facination his father working, captivated by these extraordinary shapes, carved from wood, he soon developed a passion for sculpture and wood carving, so joined to help establish the newly founded company. He works today with a team of six highly gifted woodcarvers. Alexander George Ley, with 49 years of experience, has unrivalled knowledge, and is still very much the guiding force of the business. Bruce Francis expertise is conservation and restoration of giltwood surfaces, he leads a team commited to producing work of the highest quality.

With our collective knowledge, experience and skill, we are able to make precise copies of original frames and giltwood furniture. Many such examples hang in museums and important collections around the world.


We offer a digital photographic montaging service, which allows the client to see several options for the framing of a painting, these can then be sent via email for approval.

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